June 6th - 9th!  Come Experience The Golf Room LIVE & IN PERSON!

From: Kyle Morris
Dublin, Ohio

Hey everybody!

We are doing something super special from June 6th - 9th and we want you to be there.

It's called:

"The Golf Room LIVE"

We want YOU to come experience The Golf Room for yourself.

Just recently we launched The Golf Room Everywhere.   Which is the online version of The Golf Room.

And we've had so many of our amazing online members say...

"I Would Love To Come See The Golf Room In Person!"

And we've had hundreds of students ask us...

"Are you going to do a live event soon?"

So my team and I have decided to make this a reality.

"What Exactly Is "The Golf Room LIVE?"

The Golf Room LIVE in June is a FOUR DAY LIVE EVENT where you will fly/drive into Columbus, Ohio and experience The Golf Room IN PERSON!

This is NOT just you hitting some golf balls into a screen...

This is NOT me and my team and I standing behind you while you hit a few putts...

This is NOT just your ordinary live golf event.

I am literally bringing together my entire team to make The Golf Room LIVE an UNFORGETTABLE Experience.

You'll leave knowing EXACTLY what you need to work on so you can ultimately BECOME YOUR BEST.

 Here's A Sneak-Peek At What You'll Be Learning During This 4-Day "The Golf Room LIVE" Event!

BEFORE you show up, you'll be taking a questionnaire so we can learn more about you and your golf game...

And we are going to schedule a 20-Min Consultation. That way, when you arrive to The Golf Room we can get started and we don't waste ANY time.

But, what will you actually be learning and implementing??

DAYS 1 & 2: Skill & Body

Skill Training [Golf Swing]

(You'll Get An Hour By Hour Itinerary, Don't Worry) 
  • You'll find out EXACTLY what you do well in your golf swing.  It's important to look at positives in every swing and use those to your advantage.
  • ​You'll finally understand your own personal tendencies in your golf swing.  You'll be able to answer the question of "WHAT is going on in MY SWING that causes me to hit slices/tops/chunks etc?"  (Whichever miss you struggle with).
  • Next, we will show you where we'd like you to be in your golf swing (positions) and more importantly THE WHY.  All of our teachings have been proven to work and we love to share that with students.
  • ​Last but not least, the HOW.  You need to know exactly HOW to fix your tendencies and also you need to learn how to become your OWN COACH.  So when you leave The Golf Room, it's like you still have my team and I watching every single shot.
  •  Skill training doesn't end with just your golf swing.  We also will dive deeper into short game & putting technique as well!
Day 1 doesn't end there.  We are just getting started!

Next we need to find out your personal physical limitations.

Personal Fitness Evaluation

We have a saying on the wall at The Golf Room.

It says, "You're only as strong as your weakest link."

You may have a perfect golf swing, but if your body physically can't handle stress, you're only as strong as your body allows you to be on the course.

The Golf Room's Physical Trainer, Lindsay Becker, will uncover:
  • What physical limitations are HOLDING YOU BACK from achieving your goals.
  • Why those physical limitations are holding you back.
  • ​And the EXACT (non time consuming) exercises that can help you break free and allow you to play your BEST golf in 2022!
Oh and by the way...

Lindsay has provided WORLD CLASS rehabilitation and performance training to ALL SKILL LEVELS.

From juniors and beginners to players on the PGA TOUR.

Let's just say, you're in good hands.

That's not where The Golf Room LIVE ends...  We need to make sure you can actually PLAY GOLF!

Peak Performance Mental Training & 
Course Management Seminar

This session may be the most critical to your success out of everything we cover. 

Here's the reality...

You can get to the level of "GREAT" by reading golf books and working on your technique...

But for you to reach your ULTIMATE GOALS, it starts with THINKING PROPERLY on and off the golf course.

A few things that will be covered:
  • ​How to play golf instead of golf SWING. Too many amateurs (and some professionals) are playing golf swing on the golf course and it's our job to show you why you SHOULDN'T!
  • ​​How to pick proper targets based on your personal shot dispersion. 
  • ​How to play SMART GOLF while still staying aggressive and confident.
  • ​How to use DECADE-GOLF to your advantage.
  • ​How to finally get into "The Zone" (It's not what you think).
Oh yeah, by the way...

After all of that... 

It's time for lunch!

I told you it was going to be an unforgettable experience!!!!

After a quick lunch, we will move to:

Short Game & Putting Fundamentals

We all know how important it is to be a master around the greens.

And while most golfers spend their time working JUST on their golf swings, at The Golf Room LIVE we will be covering every area of the game of golf.

Skill.  Body.  Mind.


Because like I said earlier:  You're only as strong as your weakest link.

So, during our Short Game & Putting session you'll discover:
  • ​How your pitching and chipping technique should be the exact opposite of full swing!
  • What your PERSONAL tendencies are in your chipping / pitching technique!
  •  Why it's important to follow a technique that's been proven to work by almost every single touring professional!
  • ​The feedback station/drills YOU NEED to become a MASTER around the greens!
  • ​What's going on in your putting stroke with the help from TrackMan.  Why it's important & the EXACT putting drills you need to enhance your stroke.
  • ​A ton more too (you'll see).

DAYS 3 & 4: Clubs, Mind, Skill, & Play Golf!

A Club Fitting (If Needed)

We will be fitting you for clubs if we find that your clubs are actually working against you instead of working for you!

Block Practice & Pre-Shot Routine Creation With Focus Band

The start of DAY 3, we will focus on a couple things. 


This includes your swing technique, short game technique, & putting technique.  

You'll have a coach (whether it's me or my team) helping you quite literally PRACTICE with PURPOSE.

2. Routines - Creating your pre-shot routine with Focus Band so you get into "The Zone" before every single shot.

The Focus Band basically gives you INSTANT feedback on whether you're in "THE ZONE" or not before hitting your shots.

We will be creating your routine so you have the best chances of being 100% ready before every single shot on the course.

Learn How To Play Golf

The fastest way to CUT STROKES off your handicap is by learning the art of PLAYING GOLF.

Yes.  There's a huge difference between hitting golf balls on the range and playing on the course.

We get this all of the time...

"I Just Can't Take My Range Game To The Course!"

So while you're playing golf, my team and I are going to teach YOU:
  • ​How to pick proper targets based on your personal shot dispersion (which may be different from play to player).
  • ​How to use the DECADE GOLF system on the golf course.
  • ​How to take your routine on the golf course so you're NOT playing GOLF SWING...  You're playing GOLF!
  • ​And a TON MORE.
We'll be playing 9 Holes at the beautiful Kinsale Golf & Fitness Club (which is where they hold U.S. Open Qualifying).

And the amazing Muirfield Village where The Memorial Tournament is held every year!!

So Here's The Deal...

Look.  I like to tell it how it is.   So here's the reality.

I would LOVE to open The Golf Room LIVE up to everyone.

But the more we allow to sign up, the less value you'll personally receive.

So my team and I sat down and the question came up.

"How many golfers we should we open it up too?"

And after thinking for a while, we came up the number...

...We are only allowing SEVEN (7) golfers to attend The Golf Room LIVE.


This will give me and my team the opportunity to provide you with an UNFORGETTABLE experience!

Let me show you the entire experience all put together...

Everything That's Included When You Get Your Ticket To The Golf Room LIVE 4-DAY Event!!

  • ​A Complete Analysis Of Your Golf Swing With TrackMan!
  • ​A Complete Analysis Of Your Short Game With TrackMan!
  • ​A Complete Analysis Of Your Putting With TrackMan!
  • ​The Exact Drills You Need For YOUR Tendencies In All Three Area Above!
  • ​Monitored Technique (BLOCK) Practice Time With Me And My TGR Coaches!
  • ​A Physical Assessment By Lindsay Becker Showing You Your Physical Limitations And How That Affects Your Golf Swing / Playing On The Course!
  • ​Mental Peak Performance Training So You Can Take Your RANGE GAME To The COURSE!
  • Pre-Shot Routine With FOCUS BAND To Get You In "The Zone" Before Every Shot!
  • ​Course Management Seminar Teaching You The Fastest Way To Cut Your Handicap By Simply Managing Your Play On The Course!
  • One 9 Hole Round & One 18 Hole Round Of Golf With Me & My Instructors So You Can Learn How To PLAY GOLF On The Course Without Thinking About Your Golf Swing Technique!
  • ​One 5-Star Dinner With The TGR Team!
  • ​The Golf Room SWAG So You Can Rep TGR Everywhere You Go!
  • ​Lodging Is Included!
  • ​FREE BONUS: Come A Day Early And Get A FREE Ticket To The Memorial Tournament!

Total Value: $13,987+

Was $6,999...

NOW $4,999!

Or 3 Payments Of $1,750!

Only 3 Spots Available!

Frequently Asked Questions
How Do I Register My Ticket?
You can click the big green button above and fill out your information!  You will receive a confirmation email after registering.
Where Will The Golf Room LIVE Be Held?
Mostly at The Golf Room in Dublin, Ohio.  We will be going to two golf courses to play (stay tuned) and also dinner.
Which Airport Do I Fly Into?
CMH - John Glenn Columbus International Airport - 18.5 Miles From The Golf Room.
What Is The Refund Policy?
If you require a refund, you must contact us no later than May 6th.
What Is The Deadline To Register?
You must register by May 14th, however, since it's only open to 7 spots registration will probably be closed by then.
What Is The Event Schedule?
You'll receive a complete itinerary a couple weeks before the event. 
What's Not Included?
Travel.  Get here. We'll pay for everything else!
How Many Golfers Will Be There?
7 Golfers, yes just 7.
Is There An Age Limit?
You must be 21 or older to attend.
 What Covid Protocols Will Be In Place?
We will follow safe mask-wearing protocols (if desired by golfers) as well as plenty of hand sanitizer.
What If I Get COVID Right Before The Event?
You won't be coming and we will refund you.

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