Practicing At The Golf Room Is DIFFERENT.

The Golf Room Gives You EVERYTHING You Need So You NEVER Waste Another Minute Practicing Again!

Choose Between One Practice & Our TrackMan Practice Membership!

It's Not Just A Practice Session. You Are Provided With EVERYTHING You Need To Practice With Purpose!

One Hour Practice

 One Hour Session

 TrackMan Technology Providing You With 26 Ball Flight Data On EVERY SINGLE Shot!

​ High Quality Video Automatically Taken On Every Single Shot So You Can See Your Swing On Video And Connect Your Feelings Verses What's Real!

 ​FREE Access All Our Feedback Stations & Training Aids Which Means You Won't Be Wasting ANY Time Practicing For The Hour But Instead Using Every Minute Wisely!

$50 Per Session (Weekday)

$65 Per Session (Weekend)

Or SAVE With The 'Get Started' Membership!

 6 "Units" Per Month To Use As You Choose!

Unit Breakdown:
Group Fitness = 1 Unit
TrackMan Weekday = 1 Unit
TrackMan Weekend = 2 Unit
Classes = 2 Units (5 Units For Kyle/Lindsay)
Club Fittings = 3 Unit


What Other Columbus Golfers Say About Our TrackMan Practices...

"Just had first experience there. Very helpful, even though was just doing a solo session. Great, knowledgeable, and friendly staff at an awesome facility!"

 - Dave P.

The Golf Room offers an experience & technology that was once only available to Tour Pros. In just a few short minutes, Kyle and team were able to analyze and prescribe a solution to swing faults I've been struggling with for years. The entire staff is top notch and the results speak for themselves. I would recommend to golfers of any skill level.

- Nate G.

Hands down the BEST golf lessons I’ve ever received; very knowledgeable instructors; concise, informative training; highly recommended!

- Mark L.

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