Would You Like Your Practice To Be SUPERVISED?!

Join Our Practice Pods And YOUR Practice Will Be Supervised So You KNOW You're Getting 1% Better!

What Are 'Practice Pods'?

Our Practice Pods are meant for you to come and practice with a TGR Instructor so you know you're PRACTICING the correct way and not just wasting your time!  You, and a few others will share the "Pod" with the TGR Instructor and the time spent will be equally distributed!

Listen To Some Of Our Members!

"Coach Peter was very easy to understand and provided fantastic drills!"

- Cole P.

"The instruction was knowledgable, precise, and easy to understand. Best golf lesson ive taken in the Columbus area by far."

- Clifton A.

"Learned a lot in the time spent, amazing use of technology, great instruction and stance correction."

-  Matt N.

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