Would You Like To Get Personalized Feedback On Your Golf Swing PLUS A Plan To Follow?

Book Your New Student Assessment And Get A PLAN For Your Improvement!  You'll not only understand your personal tendencies in your golf swing, but you'll even get actionable drills to implement right away!  

What Do You Get With A New Student Assessment?

  •  The Description: An easy to understand description of what your tendencies are in your golf swing with the use of TrackMan, video on every swing, BodiTrak & more!
  • ​The Demonstration: The best way for you to feel what is real with actionable drills providing you with feedback so you can become your OWN coach!
  • The Performance: How to take those feelings and implement them into your routine to play on the course!
  • A Proven Long-Term Plan: Most importantly, a long-term plan to continual coaching and supervised practice so you know that you're getting 1% better each and every time you practice!

Listen To Some Of Our Members!

As a complete golf newbie, I had my first lesson today as part of a new student assessment. I had done no more than swing a club at a range a few times but Mack was patient and worked with me throughout the entire session - giving me great tips and fundamentals to work on.

I am very excited to take more lessons in the future and putting in the practice - the facility is clean and well maintained as well. Happy to have chosen this over some of the chain locations.

- Naman Mehrotra

The Golf Room has been an exceptional experience for me. The coaches I've worked with(Mitch and Kipp) have been exceptional. They are knowledgeable and actively worked to understand how I learn and create drills and exercises to help me improve in the shortest amount of time possible. Kipp always says he's trying to coach himself out of a job, and I am inclined to believe him. In the two years I've been coming to the golf room, my game has improved by leaps and bounds. I've gained distance, consistency, and confidence that has made golf so much more fun to play for me. The facilities and equipment are incredible, and the management values the input from members and regulars greatly.

I cannot recommend this place enough if you are considering getting lessons and working on improving your game.

- Implicit Zen

I was so impressed with this facility, and after working with Mitch for about 20 mins I realized that this lesson was different than your normal driving range or random coach. I’ve played golf since I was 9 years old. After a 7 year lay off from the game, I started playing again but I just couldn’t get my game back. My swing was worse and I couldn’t fix it myself. After just one lesson he showed me how to work on a big problem I had, and my swing looks so much better on video. I gained 20 yards on my 9 iron(140 to 160 carry) I’m so excited to see how much more I can learn from Mitch. If you’re willing to put in the work, you will definitely learn the correct way to improve your swing!

- Dallas S.

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